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Risks of Sun Exposure on Your Face

There are many warnings associated with sun exposure. Advertisements and doctors are constantly warning people to cover their skin with protective creams when they venture outdoors for long periods of time. Sunburns can lead to many issues that may not show up until later in life. Skin cancer is a growing concern with the constant degradation of the protective layers in the atmosphere. Your face may be even more sensitive than the rest of your body. Take care to avoid these side effects of long term sun exposure.

Dark Spots

Many people experience the presentation of dark spots on their face. These areas are similar to the colour of freckles, yet they often appear over large areas of the skin. They are sometimes referred to as age spots, however, they can appear at any age. There are often other reasons for this change in pigmentation, such as pregnancy hormones. The sun, however, is the main culprit. These often appear only on the face and may show up after a severe sunburn. They are difficult to rid of, and often never go away completely. Sunblock for face protection can help prevent them. Prevention is best, as they are extremely stubborn when removal is attempted. Fading creams and natural methods my help in some situations.

Skin Cancer

It can take a long time for skin cancer to show up. Many times, sun exposure and burns happen during the younger years. This damage can cause skin cancer spots much later in life. Many of these spots can be removed to preserve the health of the patient. Children should wear sunscreen meant for the face to avoid burning their eyes. Moisturizer or foundation with sunscreen can be introduced when girls begin to wear makeup. This helps to establish a cancer fighting routine. The key is to start young and practice a lifetime of sun protection in a consistent manner.


Many people do not think about aging when they are enjoying days at the beach in their younger years. It can be difficult to reverse sun damage as you begin to age. The damage may already be done. Individuals that enjoy the outdoors are more prone to premature aging on the face. This can include wrinkles and dehydrated skin. The skin on the face is more delicate than on the rest of your body. Regular use of sunblock, along with drinking a lot of water can help you remain more youthful looking. Foods rich in antioxidants may help to keep damage away, as well. The removal of wrinkles can be complex and invasive. This is another situation where prevention is the best action.

Your face is the first thing people see when they meet you. It can be frustrating when people assume you are older than you really are. This can happen when you have premature aging on the face. You can avoid dark spots, skin cancer, and wrinkles by avoiding unnecessary sun exposure. Quality sunblock products can help you accomplish this daily.

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