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Homeopathy for Vitiligo

Vitiligo, usually called leucoderma, is a skin disorder where the color of the skin is lost in patches of irregular sizes and shapes. This pigmentation disorder signifies that the skin’s melanocytes (cells that produce pigment) get destroyed. This leads to the development of white skin patches.The hairs that grow in the affected area are likely to turn gray.

Such disorder also results in psychological problems associated with appearances. Also, sometimes in some people, the stress can take large proportions specifically if the disorder develops on body areas that are visible like the arms, face, hands, genitals or feet. The disorder allows the patient to feel embarrassed, worried and depressed about the reactions of other people.

Causes of Vitiligo

There is not clarity to the real cause of Vitiligo; however, researchers and doctors are starting to think that the disorder resembles an autoimmune disorder. Individuals who have a history of this disorder in their family have more tendencies to develop the white patches. Around 90% of people who develop this disorder begin developing symptoms before they reach the age of 40.Symptoms and Spread of Vitiligo

Individuals who have Vitiligo develop white skin patches of irregular sizes and shapes. The disorder is more common on exposed areas like neck, arms, face and hands. Also, it can occur on covered areas like the legs, breast and genitals.

The spread of the disorder is not yet determined. It is likely to stop totally following the first patch. However, these patches usually spread. For a number of patients, further development is likely to take many years.Effectiveness of Homeopathy

Homeopathy can provide amazing cures in a lot of Vitiligo cases. This is because homeopathy treatments improve the pigments’ natural production. Homeopathic philosophy states that Vitiligo is an expression of a body’s inner disturbed state. Therefore, the treatment must be administered at the affected area. This can be achieved by having the patient analyzed on different aspects of physical and mental as well as familial attributes. Additionally, complete research is carried out on psychological-environment which the sufferer has undergone in his life.Arsenicum Sulfuratum Flavum– This is an arsenic compound commonly used to treat skin diseases. This is also used to treat ulcerative lesions, eczema and skin depigmentation.
Kali Carbonicum– This medication is derived from potassium carbonate. It exerts its effects on various organs that include liver, heart, skin and lungs. That is why it has been known to treat various diseases.Nutricum Acidum– This is derived from nitric acid. This is considered a constitutional cure for diseases that affect the nerves, glands, bones, gastrointestinal tract and skin. Although it is obtained from a strong acid, nutricum acidum has none of such acidity; however, possess all of the mineral acid’s dynamic powers.
Silica– This homeopathic remedy is derived from silica, an inert compound. It is used in correcting nutritional deficiencies, regulating the immune system and treating bone as well as skin diseases.

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